Apprenticeship and Training

Apprenticeship is a very structured system of job training. Although the work is physical it does not require a superman or superwoman. We prepare individuals for the occupation of electrician by combining on-the-job training with job related classroom instruction. Our students are full time paid employees with our member contractors. They typically work 7am-3:30pm, Monday through Friday, on the job and attend class 6pm-10pm one night per week for 39 weeks per year. Our program is four years long and the student must complete a minimum of 8000 working hours and 576 classroom hours in order to graduate. Presently classes are held at our training facilities in Houston.

The IEC is an association of electrical contractors that is nationwide. The Texas Gulf Coast Chapter has approximately 160 members. Our members' companies range from small one and two man operations to companies employing several hundred electricians. Our Chapter has been training apprentices since 1972 and we have been continuously registered with the Department of Labor, Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training. Enclosed is a copy of "What is an electrical construction worker" from the U.S. Electrical Construction Industry Skill Standards, which may better explain the job of an electrician.

The following are the minimum requirements for acceptance into the apprenticeship program:

  1. Must be at least 18 years of age
  2. Have dependable transportation (Dependence on public transportation will severely limit your employment opportunities)
  3. Employed by an IEC member (we will assist in getting interviews with our members)
  4. Applicants must have a current State of Texas Apprentice Electrician license. Applications for the license can be obtained from the IEC office or from the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation ( or 800-803-9202).

Currently tuition is $798.00 per student per semester and each school year has two semesters. We do not collect money from students; our contractor members are invoiced for each student they enroll. However, each contractor has their own policy about what they will pay towards tuition. Some contractors pay all cost, some pay half, some will reimburse on a sliding scale depending on grades, and some will pay nothing.

Our classes begin each September and January but if you are interested in becoming an electrician it is important to start the on-the-job training immediately. We are unlike a college or private trade school that wants someone to finish classes before getting a job. Our training combines working experience with classroom training. We want to get people working as soon as possible and be ready to enter school when classes start. This is definitely a "earn while you learn" training program.

If you are not employed by a contractor member, please contact us and we will try to get you with a member that is hiring. We cannot guarantee employment; we can only give you contacts for interviews. You must be licensed by the State of Texas as an apprentice electrician before a contractor can hire you.