Membership Advantages

Application Service

Easy access to employment for out-of-work electricians and available work force for contractor members.

Employment Ads

Place employment ads in local newspapers when contractor members need to fill open positions.

Public relations for IEC and members
  • Representatives are active in the City of Houston Electrical Board, C.I.C., NEC Code Panels, National Apprenticeship Curriculum Committee, and National Journeyman Curriculum Committee.
  • Lobby at local, state and federal levels; Attend IEC National Legislative Conferences.
  • Answer code and related electrical questions and general business questions from members.

Shared Man Program

Additional Benefits
  • Coordinated monthly membership meetings, providing networking opportunities for all members. Coordinate membership outings, ie., New Orleans Trip
  • Four-year Apprenticeship Program - Trade Show/Wire Off and Graduation.
  • Special courses developed to meet the needs of our members, i.e. OSHA regulations, motor control and transformers lab, journeyman and master electrician exam review.
  • NEC Code books and related materials and general electrical and business manuals and books offered to our members at discounted prices.